Atlas Coal Mine

Hear tales of the days when “Coal was King”.

The Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site is an extensive industrial heritage site. General admission allows for a ride on a mantrip train around the site as well as exploring the original mine buildings, machines, and tools that tell the stories of mining in the Drumheller Valley.

In addition, experience a range of tours such as the Tunnel tour, where visitors follow in the historic footsteps of the miners wearing cap lamps and hiking up the inclined conveyer tunnel to the mine entry, set high in the Badlands.

On the Tipple tour, climb the last wooden tipple in Canada. Walk the gantry – a gradual ascent – 210 feet up to the top of the Tipple to learn about the reality young boys faced: that the dangers of the surface were a training ground for the formidable “belly of the beast”.

On the ‘Unmentionables’ tour, explore the dark side of coal mining. Learn about accidents, brawls, the women, and the unmentionable side of Drumheller Valley history. Mature content, parental discretion advised (a minimum age of 14 is recommend to take this tour).